Welcome to my little home on the web, my personal sandbox for trying new webby things, publishing this and that, and the like. After more than 22+ years on the web, this site has undergone many changes during its life. Starting as a collection of simple HTML-only pages, it has evolved into something a bit more elegant with a few more interesting things behind the scenes. As you might imagine, I've learned a thing or two about creating web sites since those early days.

The entire site makes judicious use of CSS and is driven by a little PHP behind the scenes with a dash of AJAX.

What's Here?
A bit of this, a bit of that, and some other random things. Mostly, though, its harmless stuff (for you and me!).
What's Not Here?
You won't find a lot of fancy graphics or painful-to-load background images (although there are some pictures and things). I don't have a lot of time for that and can appreciate the extra time it takes to load that stuff over a slow modem connection. This is a "low frills" site. :-)
Oh come on! Who are we kidding? That paragraph was written 10+ years ago when all anyone had was a dialup connection. The site still goes easy on graphics and glitz, but low frills? Not so much anymore, depending on your definition of frill.
What's New?
New stuff will have one of these near it: [New] and be summarized here.
November 2009

Major technical upgrades are now complete: this web site is now provided via Ubuntu Server 9.04 behind a more than decent Verizon FIOS high-speed network connection. Enjoy.

September 2009

I got a new job with S2 Security Corporation as a Principal Software Engineer working on their security controller platform software.

June 2009

I'm an Apple iPhone Developer! In my spare time I have been learning about Macintosh and iPhone/iPod touch application development. I already have two applications available on the App Store, with more in development. Learn more about them at the Hawk iMedia website.

March 2009

See what I'm reading to keep busy technically.

What else is there?
For my kids, I whipped up a little math flashcards web app. Not so much AJAX, really. Mostly just Javascript and CSS. It was simple and fun to write, and useful and fun to use!
Another project I spent a lot of time on over the last few years is the Temple Beth Sholom website. Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes there: PHP, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, the works. Have a look!
Have Fun!
Use the menu at the top to navigate and find out a little about me, some of my interests, and some intresting and possibly useful stuff "out there..."
Reach Out
If you find a problem here, have something to contribute, or just want to say "Well done!", then send me a note.
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